This year I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items that I own, plus a few that I have my eye on! Check out 2022 and 2021‘s guides, too.

  1. Apple Watch Band – I upgraded my cloth watch band to this tortoise band and I feel like it makes me look like I might know what the current trends are. Matches with everything and is a classic color.
  2. Dinnerware – I’ve had this entire set of dinnerware (plates, bowls, salad plates, etc.) on my wish list for years waiting for the time when we renovate our kitchen. The time hasn’t come, yet, sadly! They’re microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, plus scratch-resistant. Checks all the boxes for me!
  3. Beach Towel/Blanket – I was gifted this blanket last year for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it. We took it to Hawaii a couple of weeks later and it was the perfect, lightweight blanket for breezy beach days. We used it in the sand and it rolled right off. Easy to pack. Lots of designs, including subtle Disney prints, if you’re a fan.
  4. Owala Water Bottle – This year I switched to the Owala brand of water bottles for my girls and we really love them. It has a lock that protects the straw, it’s leak proof, and also keeps water cold for a long time. I’m still using my Stanley 1.0 at home which tips over more often than I’d like to admit and doesn’t fit in my car cupholder, so I’m hoping to upgrade soon.
  5. E-Cloth Glass Cleaner – I finally hopped on the magic glass cleaner train and I can’t believe it took me so long. Just use water and it cleans everything up so easily! No chemicals, streak free. Big fan.
  6. Sunday Slippers – Last year I tried my first Bombas product, the gripper slippers and was immediately obsessed. I wore them the entire winter, maybe even longer. This year they have a more structured slipper that I think would make a lovely gift!
  7. Instax Camera – Brandon gifted this to me last year as well. I already owned an Instax camera, but this one has the digital option to view your images before printing! You can also send a copy to your phone to share if you’d like. I love it.
  8. Nesting Mixing Bowls – I’ve had my eye on this matching set of bowls for awhile now, but couldn’t bring myself to replace something that wasn’t broken. Well, my kids have slowly been melting or ruining our mixing bowls (because everything is a toy, right?) and I think I’m ready now. I also appreciate the shredding attachments on the lids! Am I the only one that shaves my skin off with the cheese? (hahaha)

What would you like to receive or gift from this list?

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