You might be able to guess Ona’s favorite color based on this guide! These are some of her favorite things right now.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker Microphone – My cousin gifted this mic to Ona and she literally would not put it down for weeks. It was with her day and night. We actually have two so the girls can play and sing together.
  2. Ever & Eden Face Crayon – I picked up this face crayon when we went to see the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie so I could draw a lover heart around my daughter’s eye. She was over the moon! Comes in a lot of fun colors. Safe for babies and kids!
  3. Super Mario Lego Set – I’m not the lego person in the family so I leave it to Brandon, but he said this set was actually really cool. It’s interactive with an iPad app and fun for all ages.
  4. Princess Peach Bomber Jacket – You can guess who Ona’s favorite Mario character is. I found this Princess Peach jacket and thought she would go bonkers for this.
  5. Slumberkins – We got hooked on Slumberkins last year and my girls have really connected with it after watching the TV show on Apple+. Her favorite character is Hammerhead, but they have so many cute ones.
  6. Yoto Mini Player – This has been on our gift guides for years. Both of our girls love listening to books and songs, and this is such a great way for them to do it independently.
  7. Vet Play Kit – Both of my girls love to play pretend and take care of all of their stuffed animals as veterinarians. I love the little bandage included for their broken limbs!
  8. Sketch Book – This is a gift that you can’t go wrong with because kids burn through sketch books like no other, especially toddlers! I like to use books to keep their masterpiece art together in one place.
  9. Flower Pillow – This is a random idea but one that Ona really loved. I picked up a similar pink flower pillow at HomeGoods one day and she has been sleeping with it ever since (it goes on top of her regular Tuft & Needle pillow).

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