After my miscarriage in June, I decided I wanted to update the guest room. It kept me busy and it was something fun that I enjoyed doing.

I started with a mood board that centered around this print from Juniper Print Shop. I was instantly drawn to it. The calming vibes, the cool, yet warm tones and color palette. I wanted a bed frame with clean lines, and white and dark accents.

I really loved these wall sconces above but then also liked the swing arm style, too. In the end, I didn’t change the lights at all. Maybe for a future update.

I didn’t end up using that rug. I found this one that I loved way more and it goes really well with the room. I didn’t photograph the room with the rug because we have stuff under the bed that you can see, so when I get un-lazy, I will do it properly 🙂

Here’s what the guest room looks like today. It’s still a work in progress. I need to get more curtain panels and hem them. I eventually want to swap out the lights. We need to reinstall a fan in this room. But I’m happy with where it is today and we’ve been told by our guests that they love the room.

It was really sunny out when I took these photos so I had to close the blinds so I wouldn’t blow everything out. I’ll take some new photos when the lighting is better!

Sources: Bed, Beige | Print | Frame | Duvet (Target, no longer available) | Cozy Blanket | Pillows 1, 2 | Lumbar (Homegoods) | Nightstands | Vase | Faux Eucalyptus | Sconces (World Market, no longer available) | Rug

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