My youngest just turned three and is into building. I think her favorite are Magna-Tiles, but everything comes out at the same time, usually.

1. The Magna-Tiles Builder Set – this has been a hit out of all the sets because of the wheeled car. Cars make everything more fun. There are a few newer sets, like the Dinosaurs, that I have my eye on!

2. Stick and Stone – This book is super cute. There are a few in the series, but so far, we like this one the best. I paired it with this Pinecone stuffed animal for her birthday this year. Feels fitting for living in the pines.

3. Doodle Board – We have the scratch version of this, but I’m tempted to purchase this doodle board so we don’t have black stuff all over.

4. Puzzles – This one could be hit or miss, depending on patience levels of all parties, but is a great way to practice color sorting, pattern recognition, etc.

5. Bluey anything – Has Bluey taken your house by storm, too? We got a bunch of these sets for her birthday and she’s been enjoying playing out the 8 minute episodes in real life.

6. Drill Set – I’ve had my eye on this one because I think it’d be great fun, but also very stressful with how many tiny pieces there are… gift at your own risk! Ha.

7. PicassoTiles – these are new to us, gifted as a birthday present. It seems easier for kids to manage (over Legos, for example), and you can build some fun stuff!

8. Micro Scooter – This one is also on our kids list, because both girls love them. They use it every single day, inside and out (we might have some scuffed up baseboards). I was surprised at how quickly my youngest (2yo at the time) learned how to scoot with no instruction at all. We picked the foldable version for easy transport and bring them with us everywhere.

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