My husband is hard to shop for because he usually buys whatever he wants, but I’ve found a couple of things for him that he has really enjoyed.

  1. Dual Temp Duvet Comforter – If you and your partner sleep at different temperatures, this dual temp duvet comforter would be an amazing gift. The comforter is split in half, one side for warmer sleepers and the other for cooler sleepers. I was gifted by the brand earlier this year and have used it for many months now and can vouch for it. Plus, you can get a cover that fits this comforter exactly.
  2. Gripper Slippers – This has made our gift guides for the second year now because we love them that much. They don’t leave our feet all winter (and then some).
  3. Multi-Tool Key – This seems like a great tool to keep nearby when you find yourself needing to bend wires, open cans and bottles, strip wires. You know, everyday things.
  4. Growler Keg – For the beer enthusiast in your life, this would make an awesome (and beautiful) gift that keeps beer fresh, cold, carbonated, and on-the-go.
  5. Songwriters Journal – I gifted this to Brandon last year to help him organize his songs and keep them together.
  6. Portable Charger – This is our favorite charger because you can charge your devices while charging the charger. It’s compact and we bring it everywhere.
  7. Guitar Neck Rest – This is one of those things you didn’t know you needed. This neck rest clips on to the guitar neck and provides a secure, padded resting spot for your guitar vs leaning it on the wall or sofa and it falling over.
  8. Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker – Brandon loves making ice cream with the girls and trying out different flavors with random things from the kitchen. It’s so easy to make and we’ve had rave reviews from friends and family on how good the ice cream tastes!
  9. Solo Stove – We got a solo stove over the summer and we’ve loved roasting s’mores, enjoying the cooler nights and chats with friends. Comes in new colors!

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