This guide covers some beginner tools and more advanced set ups. I’m sharing my favorite tools we’ve invested in over the years.

1. Clamping Squares – to make sure everything is nice and square.

2. Mobile Project Center – I picked up a second mobile table to have extra space to spread out when doing projects. It’s awesome to be able to put down an entire sheet of plywood and not have to bend down while trying to rip it down. I think these are $80 right now!

3. Clamps – you can never have enough clamps. Never.

4. Laser Measure – I’ve shared this tool so often because it’s the best. I even have two because I misplaced one and got another one. I use this to double check my measurements and to measure long lengths.

5. Slim Fold Work Platform – This platform has also been a favorite of mine because it’s compact and allows me to move without needing to move a ladder and get up and down.

6. Color Reader – I picked this up during the Prime Day sale but haven’t used it a ton yet. You can find the closest paint color match to anything with this reader!

7. Safety Glasses – Protect the eyeballs.

8. Precision Square for Woodworking – This is my favorite little right angle tool. Small enough to fit in my work apron and it’s for precise cuts.

9. Push Block for Table Saw – These grippers are so helpful when ripping wood on the table saw.

10. Metal Phone Tripod Mount – I highly recommend investing in this tripod mount. It is so much easier and nicer to use than the plastic ones that come with the tripods.

11. The Best Table Saw – We’ve borrowed table saws in the past before investing in this one. It’s not cheap but the safety technology that is built-in is worth it, in my opinion. This saw can detect blade contact with skin and triggers the saw stop brake technology. Keep those fingers!

If you’re not sure whether to buy this for yourself (ha!) or the DIY’er in your life, a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe’s will be equally (may be more) loved.

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