It all started when I had this idea to cut a hole in the top of the cabinet in the closet for clothes to be dropped into. I’ve always loved dropping trash into a hidden can in fancy restrooms and thought this concept could be applied to laundry. Honestly, anything that could encourage my kids not to leave their clothes on the floor was a win in my book.

I used a gallon paint can to trace the circle on top of the cabinet. It seemed like a good size. After cutting the hole out with the jigsaw, it wasn’t a perfect circle, which I knew would bother me. Yes, I could have used a router, but I didn’t.

So I went on a hunt for a grommet or something similar that I could use to fit on top of the hole that would make it look nice and polished. I stumbled on this countertop trash lid that came in different finishes other than stainless steel. I checked the measurements and it was just slightly larger than the hole I cut. Perfect!

When the lid arrived, I considered removing the flap on top so that it would be easier to put clothes into the hole. But after installing it, it was so much more fun to put laundry in with the flap and it didn’t make it any more difficult to put clothing in. It was a happy mistake all around.

Here’s how to DIY a hidden laundry chute and hamper to your closet.



  1. Trace the hole you want to cut (I used a gallon paint can)
  2. Drill large pilot holes in the center and perimeter of the circle
  3. Use your jigsaw to cut out the circle
  4. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges
  5. Fit lid on top!

If you’d like to see a visual tutorial, check out the reel on IG.

Prior to installing the lid, I built a custom cabinet in the closet with drawers and a dedicated space for a slim laundry hamper. You can apply this same concept anywhere you have a cabinet.

Since installing this chute, I haven’t had to pick up dirty clothes on the floor! My daughter loves it and says it’s really fun to put her clothes in the hamper now!

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