After hanging another pinboard next to the mudroom lockers in the garage, I realized that this is my go-to for corralling and displaying family photos, kids’ art, and other treasures we find and save. It’s a great way to be able to incorporate these details into a space in a aesthetically pleasing way.

Here are 4 ways I’ve incorporated kids’ art and family photos in my home.


I’ve made DIY pinboards out of repurposed cork boards (check your local FBMP right after college ends for the year!) and I’ve also purchased them.

These pinboards were made from old curtain panels and cork boards I picked up for $5 each on FBMP. They hang in my office and I love to physically pin swatches, paint colors, and inspiration photos on it.

In our living room, I created a dedicated art space for my kids which resulted in a ton of art that I didn’t know what to do with. I used these felt tiles as a pinboard so they can hang up their masterpieces.

In the girls’ bunk beds, I installed a peg board that we hang wire baskets from so that all of their belongings have a home. There’s also another pinboard there!

I think the key to not making a space feel too cluttered is to group everything together, grounded by something (pinboard). That way it feels intentional.

Check your local HomeGoods for pinboards! They usually have a nice selection at good price points.

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