I’ve been wanting to help my sister decorate and style a room for awhile now, so when she asked me to help her do the “Sleep Room”, a suite on the other side of her home from the primary bedroom, I jumped at the opportunity.

My sister and her husband both work at a hospital. My sister is a nurse and they both work the night shift. Sometimes they work the same days, other times they don’t, so they often find separate sleeping quarters to recover and rest. Currently there is a twin bed in their primary bedroom’s closet because there is zero light in there and that helps them sleep better. So this “Sleep Room” will essentially be another place for one of them to go when the other is not working, and hopefully where I get to stay when I visit, too!

Working with a family member can often be difficult because they tend to be more indecisive since they are more comfortable with you. If you were working with someone you’re paying to design for you, it’s a little different. I would send my sister links to products and she would respond with “those are nice” or “yeah”. What does that even mean?!

I need more definitive answers. Yes, I want that. No, let’s find something else.

Her requirements weren’t many: a green jewel-toned feature wall of some sort and blackout curtains. I can definitely work with that. Her home is a new build and I’m starting from a nice blank slate with neutral everything, so we’re just going to jazz it up a bit for them and make it cozy and welcoming.

Here are my plans:

  • Half wall board and batten treatment
  • Paint lower half board and batten a greenish color, probably that will be the same tone as the chair so it blends in
  • Possibly paint upper half, if needed
  • Assemble all furniture
  • Hang curtain rods and drapes — I purchased these pinch pleat curtains that say they are 100% blackout, so we’ll see how they work!
  • Hang gallery wall
  • Add sconce lighting
  • Style and enjoy

I’ve never really done a full project where I had all of the stuff ready-to-go. I usually just do things one step at a time on my own pace, but because my sister doesn’t live near me, I was forced to do it this way. I plan to go down to Phoenix for a few days and knock it all out at once. I’ll definitely share before and afters here, plus a full source list when we’re all done.

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