The reveal is out for all the world to see, so the next burning question is… what did it cost to build the mudroom lockers?

I’m breaking down the entire build for you below, but costs are always a tricky thing to share because costs are different based on where you live.

For example, we purchased our plywood from a local lumberyard in Phoenix. It was during a promo sale and we also get a discount being a member of their loyalty program. We paid less than you would at the big box stores and the quality was greater.

Other things to take into consideration: I had a lot of leftover scrap plywood from our mobile workstation build (which I have yet to share here, but check IG if you’re curious) that allowed me to repurpose for the carcasses of the cabinets, drawer fronts, etc.

Mid-project, I got a quote from an electrician to move a switch and an outlet, but it took over 2 weeks for them to deliver that quote, so my father-in-law came and did the work for me. That saved roughly $430.


  • Plywood – $400 (includes 3/4″ and 1/2″ sheets)
  • Shiplap panels – $72
  • Cove moulding – $35
  • Trim 1x2s (4) – $25
  • Trim 1×4 (1) – $10
  • Trim 1×6 (2) – $26
  • Drawer slides (4) – $80
  • Poly (from bench)
  • Paint – $120 (2 gallons)
  • Wood filler – $14
  • Misc. random things I picked up during various trips to HD – $30

Total: $812

Things I already had: primer, caulk, nails, screws, 2x4s, poly, sandpaper, plastic tarps, painter’s tape, scrap wood, and all of my tools


  • Hooks (4) – $92
  • Brass number plates (4) – $40
  • Picture light – $60
  • Pinboards – $25
  • Baskets – $50

Total: $267

Total DIY Cost: $1,079

Are you surprised by this number? Is it higher or lower than you thought? The inspiration lockers I loved are $2k and only have 3 lockers vs the 4 I built, four fewer cabinets, and not as many fun details. That’s the best part of DIY, being able to customize to fit your family and home.

The real savings comes in the labor. I’m sure this would have cost me thousands to hire out. But honestly, building is an outlet for me. I enjoy creating something from nothing. And being able to say, “I built that.”



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